Auggie & Me

Auggie and Me by R. J. Palacio
R.J. Palacio
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Sep 27, 2022

Auggie & Me is a fictional book written by R.J. Palacio. This book is about a
boy named August Pullman (Auggie) who has a craniofacial difference. He has to
go through many difficult situations due to this condition. Charlotte Cody, Julien,
Christopher, Reid, Summer, and Ximena Chin all play important roles throughout
some situations. He wishes to be treated like a normal person, and not get
disgusted looks when people look at him. However, people usually judge him by
looking at him. He tries to avoid such situations, and pretends not to notice, but
he feels bad and hurt after many people make fun of him, as well as bully him, or
leave him out. His friends help him gain confidence, and they also learn life
lessons along the way. He enjoys it with his friends and is more confident in
himself after these situations.

The most compelling aspect is when Auggie enjoys himself in the company
of his friends. I was disappointed when he felt hurt for being who he is. This is
because I wished he was confident in who he was, and what he could do. This
book inspired me to feel and think about the difference confidence can make in
an individual life, as well as a support system. I would recommend this book to
kids or adults who like to experience a sense of motivation in their life.


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