Aquaman movie
Oct 21, 2021

Arthur Curry in Aquaman is different from the Aquaman characters you might be used to. I had an amazing time watching Aquaman because it showed a different type of Arthur Curry. In this new film, after the storyline of Justice League, a half Atlantean –half human named Arthur Curry gave up on the sea. He is a mess who wants to look out for his dad. Ocean Master, his brother, threatens to unite all the tribes in the sea to rage upon the surface and destroy the humans. Arthur must journey throughout the seas to find Poseidon’s trident to prove that he is worthy of the throne and stop his brother’s conquest. My favorite aspect about Aquaman was the quality and the battle scenes. In this movie they made every scene look so real and every battle scene looked intense that it brought out the best in the movie. I recommend this movie to fans of the previous DC movies that built up to this point and I recommend it for fans of adventure movies because this has an amazing adventure throughout the ocean floor.

Written by
Aryan C.


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