Any Sign of Life

Any Sign of Life
Rae Carson
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Mar 31, 2023

Rae Carson’s “Any Sign of Life” is a survival story with a heartfelt edge. 
      The novel centers Paige Miller, a skilled teenage basketball player, who becomes extremely sick and passes out. When she wakes up days later, everyone is dead. She’s somehow avoided the arrival of the apocalypse, but now everyone she loves is gone. 
      Paige begins to search for any other people who may have somehow avoided the tragedy, and finds several teenage survivors. They’re all that’s left of humanity, and are faced with the challenge of surviving in the face of deadly new threats.
    I would give this book four and a half stars out of five for its skillful pacing, strong sense of voice, and realistic portrayal of guilt, regret, and loss.

Written by
Alice Summers

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