Annexed by Sharon Dogar
Sharon Dogar
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Feb 3, 2022

Peter Van Pels is a boy who goes into hiding as the Nazis take over Germany. With the help of three people, Peter and his family, along with another family, hide in what is called “The Secret Annex.” The Van Pels family hid with the Frank family. While they are in hiding, Peter tries to be happy. He tries to forget what is happening, but things become worse after they are found.

I like the book Annexed because it isn’t the same story recited by Anne Frank. This book is written from Peter’s perspective. I also like that this book gets to your feelings. Generally, I do not like reading historical books. However, reading about the Holocaust and what happened to Peter and the others was exciting. The details and plot were done really well. I think the cover really shows the time period, which was the Holocaust. I do not love the cover, but it looks decent. There is a picture of Peter on it.  I are this book 5/5.

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