Anne of Avonlea

Cover photo of the book Anne of Avonlea
L. M. Montgomery
Jan 6, 2021

Anne of Avonlea​ is the second installment of L.M. Montgomery’s ​Anne of Green Gables​ series. In this book, we see Anne grow into her late teens while managing two young twins, taking on more responsibility at Green Gables, and experiencing her first year as a teacher. Though Anne maintains her childhood wonder, throughout this book we get to see her mature.

I was just as captivated by this book as I was by the first book of the series, but I am a bit sad that time moved so quickly; from ​Anne of Green Gables​ to ​Anne of Avonlea,​ Anne’s childhood sped by. Even with her newfound maturity, Anne is still the same lovable character with a bright imagination. Although I loved this novel, I don’t think it was a good as ​Anne of Green Gables​; however, it was still worthy of five stars.

Written by
Taylor E.


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