Animal Farm

Animal Farm
George Orwell
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Jun 2, 2023

We have all grown up in a country where democracy has continuously been advocated, fought for, and has even pandered peace, but sometimes we fail to see why that happens. Animal Farm takes you on a journey on how a totalitarian regime rises, progresses, and ultimately oppresses. This novel allowed me to view not only communism but democracy from a different lens that I never inherently comprehended prior to reading this book. George Orwell indirectly communicates the start of communism through symbols of animals; I thought this was extremely creative because sometimes when we talk about a certain group of people itself, we tend to hold implicit biases as humans. However, when Orwell uses farm animals and materials found within a generic farm to symbolize the creation of a totalitarian regime, it’s truly eye-opening. I think this is an important read as we see the outcomes of such systems in our world today, and truly understanding the underlying ideology of communism.  It has allowed me to understand that a seemingly reasonable motive has the potential to ensue disastrous consequences. In other words, the teachings of communism were directed towards implementing peace and equality, but the internal “evil” of humans has prevented such a regime from ever being humane to the people themselves.

Overall, I was intrigued by this book, and although at some parts I questioned the relevance of the plot, in the end, I found this book to be one I will always think about. I rate this 4.5/5 stars.

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