American Royals

American Royals by Katharine McGee
Katharine McGee
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Jun 22, 2022

American Royals by Katharine McGee is young adult fiction. When America won the Revolutionary war, George Washington was offered the crown and he accepted. Now, two and a half centuries later, what if America had a royal family? Princess Beatrice is getting closer to becoming the first queen regnant of America. No one cares about the spare sister unless to bash; Princess Samantha doesn’t care and lives her life the way she wants, except about the one boy she can’t have. Then, there’s the other twin, Prince Jefferson. If he had been born earlier, he would have been the king and the public loves their precious prince, and two very differing girls are fighting for his heart. Nina, Samantha and Jefferson’s best friend from childhood is looped in to all of the unwanted drama from the public. Friendships are severed, fights begin, and so does the competitions between them all.

I loved this book! It was an easy read with lots of drama. It was dual POV so it was great to see everyone’s view on things, especially since there was so many characters. It was pretty fast paced and there was a lot going on, but it was never overwhelming. Things did get a little confusing at times and some parts were hard to get through but it was still a great book. I would give it a 4/5!

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