American Royals

American Royals by Katharine McGee
Katharine McGee
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Apr 2, 2022

Beatrice, Samantha, and Jefferson Washington are all the children of King George and their family is the current rulers of America. America was kept as a monarchy rather than turned into a democracy, and Beatrice is to be the new queen when she succeeds her father. Their stories become wrapped up when Samantha and Beatrice want the same man, Samantha’s best friend, Nina, falls in love with her twin Jefferson, and Jefferson’s ex-girlfriend, Daphne, is still obsessed with Jefferson. Beatrice is especially feeling the pressure because there is a law that she must be married in order to accept the position of queen, so her parents try to solve this problem by an (almost) arranged marriage. Obviously, nothing can go according to plan and American Royals is a story told from multiple character’s point of view with plenty of drama and romance.

I would recommend this book to those who enjoyed the Selection series because it has similar themes of royalty and romance. My favorite part of this book was how it was told because it gave insight to how each character was feeling and in the end their stories ended upcoming together. I also enjoyed how the book highlighted some common stereotypes that were made for girls and challenged it in a way that showed how we perceive women is often defined by their relationship to a man. Lastly, this book was just addicting to read and I did not want to put it down, so I think it deserves 5 stars.

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