American Born Chinese

Cover photo of the book American Born Chinese
Gene Luen Yang
Jan 25, 2021

American Born Chinese,​ written by Gene Yang, is a graphic novel about a high school boy, an annoying cousin, and a king who doesn't accept himself. Jin, a high school boy, always struggles with racist stereotypes as he is from Chinese background. He meets a boy, Wei Chen, who is also Chinese, but he is considered a FOB (Fresh off the Boat). Jin first judges him, but sooner than later, they become best friends.

Chin-Kee, the annoying cousin, has a personality based on multiple racial stereotypes. He visits his cousin every year and attends his school for that amount of time. Danny, his cousin, is embarrassed by him, as his cousin is the reason he had to move schools 3 times.

The King is someone who is very confident, until he was kicked out of a party for being a monkey. He becomes embarrassed for being a monkey, and forces himself to change.

Along the way, each character learns to be their true selves, no matter the circumstances. I loved this graphic novel because the art really caught my eye, and humor was included throughout the whole book. The ending had a huge plot twist that no one could see coming. I really liked the cover because it went all around the book, and wasn't just on the front side. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

Written by
Afraah H.

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