Amelia Unabridged

Amelia Unabridged
Ashley Schumacher
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Jan 26, 2023

Summary: Amelia Griffin became best friends with Jenna Williams after her father left and her
family fell apart. They bonded over their love of books their favorite ones being a series called
the Orman Chronicles. They are very excited to be able to meet the author at a book festival the
summer before college. However, not everything goes as planned. While Amelia is in the
bathroom, Jenna gets to meet the author, N. E. Endsley, who is having a panic attack. Jenna is
able to calm him down but he leaves and Amelia never gets to meet him. When Amelia finds
out, they get into a big fight right before Jenna leaves for Ireland. Jenna is sadly killed in a car
accident in Ireland, which means that Amelia never got to say a proper goodbye. She is now left
alone in the world without a best friend or a family. When she receives a rare copy of the first
book in the Orman Chronicles she is convinced that this has been somehow sent by Jenna. She
now wants to figure out who actually sent it and why she thinks Jenna has a connection to it.

Opinion: I think this book was great. The writing was amazing and the plot was original. There is
a romance included but it is not the entire thing. It was unique and I never got bored of it. I
would recommend this book to people who enjoy romance and realistic fiction books and to
people who enjoy a faster pace book.

Rating: I would rate this book a 5/5


Written by
Abby S.

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