Along For the Ride

Along For the Ride by Rachel Meinke
Rachel Meinke
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Oct 21, 2021

Katelyn tends to be overshadowed by her superstar brother, Connor Jackson. When her parents force her to attend his tour across the U.S., she isn’t happy. She would have to miss competing in soccer. When she finds out that the lead singer of his act is Zach Matthews, her life changes.

This story is based off a Wattpad story, so I wouldn’t recommend this to those who don’t like Wattpad stories. This story is fast paced and a quick read.  I don’t really understand why Katelyn was forced to go on tour with her brother. She could have stayed with her friend or her other family. Also, since Katelyn is an elite soccer player, she should have stayed home and continue practicing soccer. I don’t really like that Zach doesn’t have any characteristic other than that he is perfect. There aren’t any setbacks in this story or any side plots. I personally don’t like this book, and I rate this book 2/5.

Written by
Marium K.

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