Allegiant book cover
Veronica Roth
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Mar 1, 2024

Allegiant is a great book that follows Tris through the dystopian world she lives in. The violence and unrest that surrounds her changes her view on everything. As she learns new things, she has to lean heavily on those she can trust. When she learns about the past that she was never taught, her world spirals. Leaders are letting their citizens die, some humans are considered below others, and Tris falls into a position to cause change. Will she fix this wrecked world, or choose to live away from everything she has known to lead a life of comfort?

I would recommend this book to 8th graders that have read both Divergent and Insurgent. My favorite part of this book is Tris’s will to help anyone who needs it despite their past or beliefs, a true heroine. Also, there is some violence throughout this book, so I would recommend this book to 7th or 8th graders.

Written by
Mia M.

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