All of Us Villains

All of Us Villains by Amanda Food & Christine Lynn Herman
Amanda Foody
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Jan 26, 2023

Summary: This book takes place in a world where magic exists. Common magic is available to
anyone who can buy spellrings however, you can only use high magic if your family wins a
tournament that fights to the death. Every 20 years, each of the 7 families names one champion
that will fight for them in that tournament. When someone mysterious writes a book exposing
the tournament, the fight is now public to everyone after being a secret for centuries. Now the
question is who will get the high magic after this year's tournament, and will it be the same as
the times before?

Opinion: I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a fast paced fantasy book. It has a
lot of plot twists however, some parts of the book were predictable which is a con. I liked how it
had a different point of view for each chapter but sometimes, with all of the characters, it was
hard to keep track of everyone. I think that the overall writing of the book was good but at the
end it feels like it cuts off randomly because there is a sequel.
Rating: 4/5


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Abby S.

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