All That’s Left In The World

All That’s Left In The World by Erik J. Brown
Erik J. Brown
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Jan 6, 2023

Andrew and Jamie are two teen boys living through a very deadly pathogen. They
sickness has killed all their friends and family members. Andrew and Jamie stumble upon each
other and quickly become friends. The two head south searching for civilization and must
endure many trials and hardships. Throughout their long dangerous journey Jamie and Andrews
friendship starts to develop into something more. They soon realize that all that’s left in the
world is their strong and unmistakable connection.

This book was a great read and a real page turner! It made me laugh, cry and be
hopeful. I recommend this book to people 14 +. If you love romance, adventure, survival and
heartwarming novels this is definitely the book for you. Has some LGBTQ+ themes in it so if you
aren’t comfortable with these themes maybe find a different book to read.


Written by
Clara Van D

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