All That's Left in the World

All That's Left in the World by Erik. J. Brown
Erik. J. Brown
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Aug 19, 2022

Andrew and Jamie are two boys that meet at the end of the world. A pathogen has
swept through the earth destroying everything the boys had ever loved. Family,
homes, and much more has been taken from them. But one day they meet after
Andrew comes stumbling into Jamie’s cabin, foot fresh snapped in a bear trap.
From then on, they go on a journey to escape, and to meet a relative of someone
who once helped them. But along the way things start to develop between the two.

I love apocalypse books. Whether it be zombies, a pathogen, or aliens. I love a
setting in which the Earth has been ravaged. But this felt a bit unrealistic. Things
like all the birds being dead and that having no apparent effect. Or that a deadly
pathogen that killed 90% of humanity should be the main issue, but never once is it
something they must deal with. They’re just immune right off the bat and never
once have an encounter with anyone dealing with it. On top of that somehow in an
apocalypse world homophobia still ends up being one of the main issues.
Everything in this book felt forced. There were a few cute and funny moments that
made up for it, but honestly, I think writing pure romance would work better for
this author. The apocalypse part was way under done.

Written by
Tyler H.

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