Agnes at the End of the World

Agnes at the End of the World by Kelly McWilliams
Kelly McWilliams
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Apr 26, 2022

Agnes lives happily in Red Creek. She likes the people, the tasks, the Prophet, the God, everything. But Agnes is a sinner. She makes contact with the Outside to treat her little brother of his diabetes. But it’s through this contact with the Outside that Agnes realizes that Red Creek isn’t perfect. That’s when everything starts to go wrong. Stuck between a religious cult and a global pandemic Agnes must fight to stay alive.

I loved this book. The way that the setting is told so that you don’t realize just how bad things are makes the reveal that much better. A female main character going against a religion that holds her back will never not be delightful. The pages just kept turning. 4/5 stars.

Written by
Tyler H.

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