After the Flood

After the Flood
Erin Hunter
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Jul 21, 2023

After the Flood is the third and final book of a 3-book graphic novel miniseries called Skyclan and the Stranger by Erin Hunter, overall part of the Warriors books. At the end of the second book, a devastating flood washed over the gorge, destroying everything Skyclan had built, and killing one of their elders, Lichenfur. In this book, they are focused on rebuilding. However, some cats express feelings about leaving Skyclan, and Billystorm wants to bring the kits to his human home. To add to that, Leafstar gets an ominous message from Starclan about one of her warriors, and suddenly her kits disappear, stressing everyone. Can the clan reunite and settle down- or will Skyclan shatter and be gone forever? 

I enjoyed this book, because I loved how the plot built on Sol and what he was secretly doing. There was a lot of suspense created when I learned that Billystorm wanted to take the kits, and later when a clan patrol went to see to his house to see if he really had them. The conclusion of the book is great, because it shows how the clan becomes stronger than ever, with Billystorm deciding to permanently leave his old life behind for the sake of the clan. The only reason I gave this book four stars rather than five was because the rogues attack Skyclan near the end of the book for no reason provided. I felt that it was kind of random and there should be detail provided on their background and why they wanted to attack. It seemed like a forced element that was added to the book just for the purpose of making a happy ending when the clan defeated the rogues and reunited. Otherwise, this was a good book.

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Neil J.

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