16 Things I Thought Were True

Janet Gurtler
Nov 10, 2014

Morgan measures her likeability by how many Twitter followers she has. Her goal is to reach 5000 and she is getting very close. If she has 5000 followers, she has to be likeable, right? Even if she doesn't have any real life friends, even if the father she's never known didn't like her enough to stick around and help raise her. She is currently tweeting about things she thought were true. For example, that working in an amusement park would be amusing (it's not), that heart disease happens to other people (how could HER mother be in the hospital with heart problems???), that rocking out to Sexy and I Know It in underwear is a good idea (maybe not so much if your supposedly best friend records you, then emails it to some of the boys at school and it gets posted to the internet where it goes viral.) Morgan has a lot going on. And now for the first time in her life, she finds the name and address of the father she has never met. Morgan decides it might just be time for a road trip.

This story was laugh out loud funny and extremely touching at the same time. The feelings run deep, this is not a fluffy read; but it is an easy, enjoyable read.  I found myself hurting for Morgan and cheering her on. She is a very realistic, believable character that I liked even when she was not being particularly likeable. This would be a great choice for someone who wants realistic fiction with a little meat, but nothing too deep and depressing.

Reviewed by Library Staff

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