We Speak in Storms

Natalie Lund
Apr 24, 2020

Fifty years ago in a town barely more than a pinpoint on a map, a deadly tornado swept through the local drive-in and took a whole generation of teenagers with it. In the present, there are too many coincidences: another tornado, the now ruined drive-in, and the same teens roaming as Spirits. 

There were so many beautiful parts of this novel that I hardly know where to begin! Firstly, the plot was absolutely gripping and eerily haunting at the same time. The supernatural aspect was just enough to make your spine tingle. The suspense left me breathless chapter after chapter, as did the luxuriously lush prose of the author. Secondly, I loved the diversity of the characters - I am absolutely positive that every reader will see some part (if not all) of themselves reflected in another character. Amidst their individual burdens, all of the female characters were without exceptions warriors. Props to this book for covering such a staggering variety of modern, mature topics. 

Written by
Natalie A from MO YA Lit Council