Elementia women's voices



By JDC Resident

I remember about my past. my childhood. it wasn’t good. It was actually a nightmare. dark scary sad.

Battle Wounds

By Caroline Koenig

Sometimes things happen It is a part of life But no one said it would be this hard Take her back to the start In the beginning it was all fun and games

Aphrodite Defiled

By Farah Dianputri

I didn’t ask for your  insecurities Or your hands  To venerate me.

Shut up Hold back that  writhing worm  you cage behind your teeth Any closer  And I’d bite it off. Then, watch scarlet bloom in the cavity And melt into  the cracks of those  broken lips But I didn’t.

trials of the female

By Ashley Honey

The moment I was conceived And my egg was fertilized to have xx chromosomes Instead of xy My body was taken away from me And placed in the hands of men The hands of men that control dress codes The fingers that will slap my ass as I walk down the street The nails that will scratch my skin and I s