trials of the female

By: Ashley Honey

The moment I was conceived
And my egg was fertilized to have xx chromosomes
Instead of xy
My body was taken away from me
And placed in the hands of men
The hands of men that control dress codes
The fingers that will slap my ass as I walk down the street
The nails that will scratch my skin and I shout
I am undressed by his claws
And my psyche is torn to shreds

When I was a child
I was always told to tell an adult
When I was being bullied
When I was being mistreated
When I was afraid
So when he undressed me
Against my will
And touched my body
Without permission
I told an adult
And all they did was make excuses
“He was drunk.”
“Did you say no?”
“What were you wearing?”
And when my trial went to court
He got away with everything
Because there is no physical proof
Of what he did
But if you stared into my soul
You would see the proof
Of a broken woman
Who is afraid to fall asleep in her room
(What if he comes through my window?)
Who cannot walk alone at night
(What if he takes me when nobody is around?)
Who cannot go to school because
He is there
He is everywhere
Praised for his
Achievements in sports
“This prison sentence will ruin his life!”
Screams his mother
But what about my life?
Hasn’t it been ruined too?
He made a choice that night
While mine was taken away
Where is my justice?
Where is the justice for the women of the world?

My body was taken away from me
When male lawmakers 
Thought it was their job to make laws
Governing my body
Telling me what I can and cannot do with it

They say abortion is murder
But what about the murder of my soul
When I was impregnated by a monster
Given a child I do not want
Where is my justice?
Oh, in that case, I can have my abortion
They will only give me my rights back
On their own accord
Reminding me that they are above
And I am below

But I will gather all the women of the world 
And we will pound our fists on their doors
And shout so loud
They won’t be able to ignore us anymore