Battle Wounds

By: Caroline Koenig

Sometimes things happen
It is a part of life
But no one said it would be this hard
Take her back to the start
In the beginning it was all fun and games

Now it is just storms and lightning rays
Everything is going to be alright
She whispered to herself
She was only six years old that night
As she hid behind that shelf
Cause daddy had a little too much
And mama did not want her to feel the pain

She still felt
She still felt the pain
Well ten years, they came and went
And dad was gone
So she looked for love in other men
And tried to act strong
Oh broken hearts and scars
In only places she could see
Cause she just wanted
She just wanted to feel something

Tears streamed from her eyes
She cried
If there’s a god out there
Please hear my prayer
I’m lost and I’m scared
And I’ve got nowhere else to go

I’ve come a long, long way
But I’m not sure I can make it much further
So if you’re listening
Could you give a helping hand
To your daughter