heat stroke

By Anna Schmeer

wet grass
we are living on borrowed time
the green of spring will soon fade to browns
struggling to breathe and blaming it on allergies
blood is pulsing through my veins and my fingertips
this isn’t my bathroom floor this is real life
there is no second chance

A Snapshot Love Story

By Libby Rorh

A girl sits at a table in front of a coffee shop, eyeing the charming boy lounging next to her. They observe one another as if their friends don’t exist, his eyes catching hers like a blue wave crashing on the beach. “Well, I’m not ordinary.”

when it all fell apart

By Abbey Kelley

he wouldn’t meet her eyes
when he told her that he met someone,
suggesting they take a break to figure themselves out.

“but I love you,” she said over the lump in her throat,
eyes burning with unshed tears.
“there’s nothing for me to figure out.”


By Emma Nicholson

Day and night become irrelevant 
Time is no longer marked by the movement of the sun
But rather the hours passed in front of a screen


By Savanah Richmond

Your tangy citrus grin
cuddles up against my lips.
Our palms, their creases and our fingertips,
collide together the way kiwis fit snug in their skin.
Harmonies pour out of our souls,
dancing in our laughter.

Fall Leaves and People Do Too

By Rylie McDaniel

It was mid-October and I was laying outside under the large oak tree reading a novel. The tree’s branches swayed in the wind, arms moving as if they were protecting the leaves and everything surrounding it. As I was flipping the pages, I shifted my weight under the crunch of the dead leaves.


By Oli Ray

It’s not January. It just isn’t. The leaves are green and dance together in hoards above my head, almost mocking me in their togetherness as I shrink into my loneliness.


By Olivia Humphrey

Please leave a message after the tone.
I love you. I really do.
I had so much fun today.
I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
We’re just an amazing, perfect match.
Text me to plan a date for next week.

Time Flies

By Connor Richardson

Time flies.
I was in love with you.
You said “ily2”.
I treated you with respect and love.
You said you appreciated it.
That was 1 year ago, oh how time flies.
I continued to love you unconditionally.
You said “ily2 bb”.

Sideways Eight

By Hayley Allison

Our love was born out of infinity,
Full of promises and late-night murmurings.
We chased each other around and around the loops of our symbol,
Never ceasing to catch our breath,
Never stopping to let our minds catch up with our words.