By: Savanah Richmond

Your tangy citrus grin

cuddles up against my lips.

Our palms, their creases and our fingertips,

collide together the way kiwis fit snug in their skin.

Harmonies pour out of our souls,

dancing in our laughter.

The sweetness that gracefully orbits around you,

infatuates my entire being.

Each layer peeled off,

exposes another planet of extraordinary things to be discovered

ready to be adored,


for all that they are.

        You are the key to my existence,

with every note played

along our journey,

the more i realize

        you were the only song

        for me.

I couldn't consider your song

when we lay together with the stars,

hearing their giggles

over our midnight wonders,

watching their strobe light orbs do ballet across the sky.

You were taken for granted.




        He wasn't worth it. 

I'm sorry.