Mystery Dream

By: Alyssa Rydell

Staring into a vast,
 black emptiness
 counting sheep-1, 2, 3...
 Consciously lying under
 the matted black blanket,
 Until all consciousness
 has been lost out to sea.
 Soaring over mile-high waves
 of blue and green into the sunset,
 The silhouette of her
 makes everything seem calm.
 Nearing the mysterious girl,
 it becomes more and more clear.
 She moves in close,
 and reaches out with just her palm.
 Grasping her tightly around her waist,
 one cannot believe she is here.
 It has been three long years
 since the last meeting of the two,
 And they were in awe
 of the look in each other’s eyes.
 As soon as the lover’s lips
 were no more than an inch apart,
 away she flew.
 Never to be seen again,
 what a tragic demise.
 The awakening was never foreseen
 at this moment in her dream,
 Yet it had to end.
 she had some feelings to redeem.
 If only both girls knew
 about what kind of time they needed to spend.