From Dusk Till Dawn

By: Brooke Shippee

From dusk till dawn 
I search,

I look
From town to town,

This person I am told can give
A smile for every frown.

Up and down
These hills I look
I never seem to find

That person I am looking for,
Who is loving and so kind.

This person, I have heard
Is beautiful and true.
This person, I am told,
No one ever seemed to know.

Were they tall?
Were they short?
Were they skinny, round or droll?

Is that why they went away?
So oddly-shaped and quirky?
Was it genius? Was it madness?
Their mind mysteriously murky?

Perhaps they were the same.
A changeless, consistent routine.
Similar like all those around,
Not a difference in between.

The people I have asked--they know,
They tell me not a single lie,
And as I search and sing this song,
I see a tear in every eye.

From dusk till dawn
I search,

I look
From town to town,

A soothing song for every cry,
A smile for every frown.

I never stop to rest a tick,
My search will never tire
For this person I await,
This person I inquire.

Hot pursuit and on the trail
For this whimsical, invisible being
Every moment I think I see them
I catch them hurriedly fleeing.

Away from me, further and further
I turn my back to see them
Lurking behind a darkened door,
Under every hidden stair.

From dusk till dawn
I search
From town to town
I find
That simple song for every cry
That smile for every frown.

And so here, it seems, my search must stop,
This person never seems to be.
Because this person I am longing for
That person here is me.