praise poem


Praise Poem

By Ethan Herman

I believe that I am tasty Hershey Bar.
I’m 4'11" and, I think I’m as tall at the great big Redwood tree.
I’m as handsome as a daisy.
When fall comes it brings multi-colored leaves that are the best to look at.
I believe that I’m a great big shiny star.

The Greatness of Maritza Paul

By Arthur Newby

I know you tell me to write about myself
But I am not the one who deserves to have his ego coaxed
My mom, Maritza Paul is the one
The greatest woman that has ever been
Starting off with almost nothing
And rising to be the queen
Maritza Paul


By Caroline Hanson

I am an emerald waterfall flowing with knowledge,
Running through life like a wolf. 
While my imagination is like sea, always more to discover.
There’s more to me than what meets the eye, 
And only some can see it.
I know people but they don’t know me,