The Greatness of Maritza Paul

By: Arthur Newby

I know you tell me to write about myself
But I am not the one who deserves to have his ego coaxed
My mom, Maritza Paul is the one
The greatest woman that has ever been
Starting off with almost nothing
And rising to be the queen
Maritza Paul
Ruling over a kingdom that was in turmoil and is now peaceful and prospering
No one held her hand as she strode to the top to become the best
She brought her kingdom out of poverty and despair
And raised the demon baby no one else could handle
She may be a woman, but she has more balls than every man on her humble planet
When she dances the horses and monkeys come to join her
Infected by her perfect rhythm and beat
When she cooks even the great Alexander rises from his grave praying for a taste
Einstein asks her for help with his math homework
When she is not busy writing the greatest novel mankind has ever seen
Not so great
That she cannot talk to the common people in her kingdom
Not so great
That she cannot love you like no one else has loved before
I am surprised that I have not gone insane
Knowing the greatness of Maritza Paul