The Soul of Night

By: Catherine Strayhall

It’s the time I have dark thoughts;
When my fears stalk me, and my demons mock me.
At night, my imagination runs wild,
Conjuring things that make me want to hide like a child.

Stops the setting sun, and fills every corner of the world;
It feeds upon my worry.
Its heavy silence enters my ears.
Night haunts me through the years.

Ideas come easily at night.
The still quiet gives me time to think.
Its deep mystery that allows me to sink
Into sleep, to take a well-deserved flight.

Only can reveal the stars and the moon,
And only during night can I really ponder life.
At night I can dream that sometime soon
Everything will be alright.

In the soul of the night, I fight my personal wars
finding the strength to continue from the sight of the stars.