A Mother's Love

By: Anonymous

I loved you

And you loved me

Many nights we stayed awake together

Holding you close

Every time singing

Rhymes of geese and shoes

Every night

I held your hand

And crouched low

My eyes meeting yours

Seeing your lies

Evoking your tears

Explaining your fault

I still love you

Never will you stray

Going by what you say

I wave

And you walk in

My smile showing pride

Pondering you

Reflecting on your years

Only able to smile

Under which I cry

Daring to go back in time

I walked into the office

And held your wrist tightly

My finger pointing

At the bruise,

Welts that formed on your back

And scratches from other’s tiny nails

Rushing to find justice

Eventually we just moved instead

I sat alone

And waited for you

My eyes always going back to the door

Searching for you

Counting the minutes

And fearing for you

Reasoning you just lost the time

Evening outings were new to you

Dawn was when you came home

I cheered at the sound of your name

And clapped

My eyes never moving from you

As you walked to the stage

Looking up at me you smiled

On your own you soon left

Needing to keep going

Education in another state was yours

I sat in the office

And you held my hand

My smile showed fake confidence

Lumps are just lumps

Everything was fine

Is what you told me

Vying for comfort yourself

I see the doctor

No smile on his face

Gently he spoke

I lay here

And you sit with me

My energy fading

Goodbye, my baby

Only my love remains

Never shall it leave

Even as I do

I watched you leave

My hand clutching yours

In an instant you left

Still clutching my fingers

Smiling still

Your eyes closed

Often I saw your smile

Until now I never cried at it

I clutched the rail

Casket heavy on my shoulder

And fingers numb with cold

Resting after putting you in

Reaching the end of the stairs

Young eyes watch me

Your granddaughter

Only able to stare

Understanding would come in age

I visited you today

Looking down at the stone

Overhead the sun shined

Visiting you was hard

Each time got easier though

You gave me life

On this day, you received yours

United we still are