Elementia Names


The Importance of a Name

By Brooks Anthony

Though I am not great I have become a name* The problems I’ve faced The tasks I’ve completed Have made me this name

Even when the tides are turned I have become a name* Even when I fail in my trials I have become a name* My name is no other’s My name is my own

Flowers Exist on the Moon

By Maggie Golshani

Fidgeting my leg against a familiar school desk, the dreadful anticipation always washes over me while listening to roll call on the first day of school.

By Any Other Name

By Breeaunna Dowdy

Names. Titles given to us at birth by someone with no idea of who we are or what we'll become, they are iron-clad chains bound to our lifetimes by those who want us to be something great. We do not all fit our names and we do not all fit in those boxes; a name is always just a name.  

The S Word

By Olivia Humphrey

Slut. A word so keen and so sharp, Thrown at me but never to me To be muttered under the breaths of the boys who I’ve denied And whispered from the girls with whom I have never exchanged a word. It drips from the lips of people who do not know me, Pouring from their tongues like blood and bleach

What's in a Name?

By Vic Kepner

Madeline. The first name I was ever given A symbol of my mother’s overbearing need to go her way or no way Her way had no meaning It was simply a name she thought was pretty And pretty was more important than memorializing my dad’s time in the Army It was always pretty insignificant to me Other k