What Made Me Who I Am

By: Kyle Huffaker

I get part of her one day.

And a part of her the next.

I rarely see the same side twice.

But I don’t blame her,

 Because she is dying inside.

Cancer is Ludicrous. 

But has blessed my life.

It defines my character.

And has made me who I am.

Cancer has taught me lessons.

Of attitude and helpfulness.

It has brought me tears and smiles.

It is not easy.

But luckily,

My mother’s soft loving face still greets me,

And she has made me who I am.

Cancer is a like balloon.

 On a cool November afternoon. 

It keeps everything inside.

It Floats around miserably.

Until the sun comes up to warm its soul.

Or it shrivels up and is lost. 

Through these trials.

I have become a man. 

I have done what I can.

She is my everything.

I am not giving up.

Because she has made me,

 who I am.