By: SJ Dahms

They say that time is a constant,
In math world it is an unchanging letter k. 
But I say that it becomes a variable,
A perfect letter x. 
Time can be carefully controlled, ceaseless,
A cascading current.
But time becomes elastic, expendable,
An extraordinary extreme.
We can not change the flow of time, 
But daily we bend and create extra minutes.
Time is ever present and immovable,
Yet we often lose track of it. 
Time is fixed history and a changing future, the never-ending reminder that nobody has forever.
Time keeps a repetitious rhythm, freezing just when we thirst for rapid rays of sun.
It can bought, wasted or stolen. Lost or uncontrollable.
Time is incessant,
Yet we contain an unknown supply.
Time is always expensive,
But it is valued at different rates.
Oh yes time is a variable that we constantly seek and don’t know why.