By Kati Klehm

Flying. high.
Sunshine blinding me
Through my thoughts’ shadowy veil
Happiness opening all the doors of my life
All decisions made,
Minute to minute,
Just flowing on the momentum
Of the world’s energy


By Jessica Sutter

I walk outside
Everything seems so dark
Have only the stars
To give me light
Wind blows the grass
Makes the leaves dance
Swirls in my hair
Carries away my every care
And the stars
Twinkle down on me
Like diamonds on velvet


By SJ Dahms

They say that time is a constant,
In math world it is an unchanging letter k. 
But I say that it becomes a variable,
A perfect letter x. 
Time can be carefully controlled, ceaseless,
A cascading current.
But time becomes elastic, expendable,