By: Kati Klehm

Flying. high.

Sunshine blinding me

Through my thoughts’ shadowy veil

Happiness opening all the doors of my life

All decisions made,

Minute to minute,

Just flowing on the momentum

Of the world’s energy



Roaring, deafening wind blowing in my face,

Ear-popping, stomach lurching,

8xs gravity freefall

To the ever growing ground below.


A grey world

So many buzzing thoughts,

Nagging worries

Chaos in the orderly routine

Of normal life

Above, clouds and smog distil the blue

That is so high.


The greys take on dull hues,

 A soft yellow there, a muted blue there,

 Slowly adjusting

To life on the ground.


A spark of brightness,

Of the sweet, blue high above

Why bother waiting and working

When instant gratification is a breath away

Only a single chance for the blueness.

I take it.