In my final moments

By: Sankara “Le prince heritier” Olama-Yai

I hear the gunshot, I do not see 
The bullet but I know it’s coming 
Aimed to perforate my skull 
They say your life flashes, once death’s 
Shadow is on your tail and grips you in 
Your terror’s wake. I have 0.05 seconds 
To let my spirit divulge the entirety 
Of my fickle existence on this earth 
A fraction of a second is enough 
The moments in our life that matter, when 
You cut away the excess, the lazy days that 
We lay waste, not knowing time’s hot sands 
Were slipping through our ignorant fingertips 
Those true moments that define us are but truly 
A flash of frozen time. A solemn stream of consciousness 
Broken shards of memory, crippling like autumn leaves 
Beneath my foot. I feel my soul drown in those regrets 
I feel them like never before, tiny needles that pierce 
The thin skin that layers me like a warm winter blanket 
I’m drowning in a beautiful mirage of a life that might’ve 
Blossomed had I made the right choices