My Brother

By: Grace Hoskins

He makes me laugh
He makes me smile
We goof off
He sees a side of me that no one else sees
The silly side the ridiculous side
The “Let’s make up a word to mean this” side
We have each other’s back

He runs
I mean he runs
Like no one I’ve ever seen run
People notice

Sports come easy
He doesn’t have to practice much
He plays almost  every sport
People notice

He’s kind, he has a love for helping others
He loves animals, talks sweet to our dogs
He’s strong willed, as stubborn as could be
He’s a character, he makes the funniest faces
He’s very competitive, but always  unselfish

We play, we practice sports, we do anything,  as long as we’re together
I do stuff for him
He does stuff for me
We have an unbreakable bond

He looks up to me
He sees his big sister, he adores me
I  look up to him, he  humbles me

We share a home
We share our things
We share a love
We share an unbreakable bond
We share being adopted

We are also different 
I’m 13
He’s 8

I have straight hair
He has curly hair
I have blond hair
He has black hair
I have light skin
He has dark skin
Our love is defined by our bond… not our skin color