Light Up the Night

By: Anonymous

Immovably unquiet and forever
Is the moon’s perch in the sky.
Sitting in a blanket of mismatched stars
Is the place children go for a sweet midnight dream.

They look up at her majesty,
Queen of all the night.
For without her presence,
Summer dreams would not be alive tonight.

The dream that she gives us
Is a present wrapped in all its glory.
One that only happens once,
So hold onto it while it lasts.

She is something to be cherished
For she gives us insight
Into what life could possibly be like.

One that is peaceful
Without any harm.
Breathing in air that inspires us to light up the night.
Even if we are a dull grey color.

When all is quiet,
She tells her secret
Of what makes her wonderful.

But only those who truly see her
Will know themselves.