Letters from College

By: Megan Schrek

Hey, I miss you

School started yesterday and
I really couldn’t stand
You not being there

They had a pasta bar in the cafeteria
The germs wouldn’t mesh well with your hypochondria,
But the butter noodles were okay

Watched some football today, too
Yellow and blue
I still don’t understand how the score works

I made a friend in history, she reminds me of you
But she never wants to pick what we do
I miss you bossing me around

The parties are fun
But no one knows yet when to be done
So I end up cleaning for hours every morning, singing Johnny
Cash out of tune

I’ll see you soon


Hey, I miss you

School starts tomorrow
And I have nothing to wear except the
Black jeans you let me borrow

I’ve been practicing for weeks but still
can’t find the lunchroom without a map,
And I’m afraid of spilling food on my lap

Watched some football today,
It’s so much easier to follow
When you’re just passing the ball over

The field
I made a friend in history, she reminds me of you
But always wants to pick the music we drive to
I miss bossing you around

The parties are lame
Because everyone has been drinking since sixteen, and no one
knows our favorite game

I’ll see you soon