By: Kayla Doubrava

If loving yourself is a drug, then I am slowly becoming an addict
A habit like this isn’t hard to fall into,
I didn’t even have to try
It just felt so good,
I didn’t want to stop
High on pure admiration
Drunk on the strongest adoration
Pumping confidence into my veins with needles,
making me feel a whole new kind of good,
like I could rule the world
I am hooked,
And there is no way I’m going to quit
I am a junkie with no interest in rehab
I am hiding happy pills in my mirror frame,
and rolling joints full of the sound of my laughter,
and smoking them down until there is nothing left, but the ashes of my smile
Because I can’t get enough,
and it won’t ever be enough
I’ll always have an itch for more
But the smoke burns less and less these days,
I guess I’m just getting used to the way it feels