I Wish

By: Anonymous

I wish…
I could run like an Olympian
I could draw without restrictions
I could dance like nobody is watching
I could sing as pretty as a mockingbird
I wish…
I could be a world traveler
I could walk outside with the perfect weather every day
I could save all of the abandoned, abused, dying animals
I could live on the beach and get sand in the creases of my toes
I wish…
I could live on Starbucks without getting fat
I could win the lottery and save starving kids in Africa
I could own Pink and wear all the leggings I want to wear
I could be taller so I could get the ball every time I try to rebound
I wish…
I could be meet the big guy upstairs
I could kill cancer so it wouldn’t kill anyone else
I could’ve met my great grandpa before he died
I could have a better and stronger relationship with my parents
I wish…
I could cook like a fancy chef
I could make sure there aren’t people hurting
I could make school shorter so I could go home
I could be smarter and do so much better in school
I wish…
I could be a math wiz
I could stop my pets from getting old
I could have better grades and could get all A’s
I could stop my sister’s cat from being sick with leukemia
I wish…
I could act like Jennifer Aniston
I could be as pretty as tumblr girls
I could help kids in Haiti with nutrition
I could make all of my wishes come true