The Graveyard

By: Jessa Boutte

she walks
head bent against the cold
and the weight of grief
shoving her down

her black hair blows
in the wind around her head
i call out and she turns
her green eyes searching
for the dead that she can’t see

i remember my hair flowing
across the thin pillow
machine’s endless beeping
obliterating all other sound
the endless pain
crashes over in waves

she stands over me
says i’ll be alright
but i know i

the darkness descends
two voices
beaten and
silenced to

I end here

I turn my head
And look at the
Neat orderly
The grey and red showing even through the

The ground looks clod and hard and

The trees bend over
The weight of grief pushing them down
I remember her
Hair flowing
Green eyes laughing
On top of the world until she
The endless falling
And lies
Her black hair flowing over the pillow
I push it back and tell her she’ll be alright
But I know she won’t
Machine’s endless beeping silenced
Two voices
Beaten and
Silenced to
But I must continue