Fitting In

By: Lucas Throckmorton

I wanted to be like everyone else,
Smart, funny, cool.
But when do things cross the line,
From funny to mean,
Or even me to them?

But recently,
It grew harder not to cross the line.
 Harder to fit in.

Everyone once alike,
Everyone now changed.
We all played sports,
Just for fun.
Now their love is football,
 And mine soccer,
That is against me.

I excel in academics,
I was raised taking pride in my grades,
I want to know more, and more...
It seems some have gone elsewhere now.
Yet I’m not alone.

In middle school,
Things aren’t so extreme.
I met several people just like me.
I can be proud of my way,
My obsession with soccer,
My obsession with books.

I never knew things could be so bright.
I was walking in a dark tunnel,
Without knowing even of the existence of light.

Thank you classmates, For finding me,
And thank you me, For finding them.