Fathers are for Freedom

By: Gillian Knaebel

It’s hard to understand what
to feel when his words say
he loves me but the tone of
his voice says the only thing
he cares about is himself.
Scars stain his back
and my wrists
but the only real scars are
the ones on our hearts.
The ones he complains
about day after day
and the ones I keep to
myself locked in a little box
in my heart because trusting
him is how I got them.
He taught me that trust is
earned no matter who you are.
The one who taught me to
shut my mouth or my heart
won’t be the only thing
Who taught me that children
like me are only loved on the
ground in shackles made of
a father’s pain.
He taught me that only
mothers are for love.
He taught me that
That Fathers are for defiance,
Are for fear
And mothers are for love
But that’s what she did
She learned to love
Learned to love another
Made him a father
And now fathers?
Fathers are for freedom
And my father showed me that.
now I understand
Because when he tells me
he loves me the tone of his voice says,
“you’ll never know how much”