Balcony Wishes

By: Lauren Blood

The sky was an abyss of gloom,
As the trees billowed in the breath of the wind.
The stars sang secrets to the moon,
Above a castle holding lovers within.
An age-old monarch was outraged by his daughter’s betrayal,
For he had found a young thief attracted by her alluring portrayal.

Two black birds sang in the dead of night,
But whom had watched them take flight?
The monarch’s cherry-cheeked daughter,
Kate, the monarch’s daughter.
Watched with a longing stare,
While weaving a thread of gold, thought her copper hair.

She uttered a gasp as tears rushed down her face,
For she saw her love’s life going to waste.
He emerged from the shadows trudging,
Trudging, trudging.
Her love came trudging,
To where his last breath would be traced.

On the monarch’s face a long grin peaked,
For the sight of the young thief reeked.
He squawked for his guards,
To release him from behind bars.
The young thief bound to the guillotine,
Made their love seem like a dream.

The young thief put up a good fight,
He strained and struggled and gave a good shove,
But his hands were bound high and tight.
On the verge of his last breath,
He longed for his love,
To be with him in death.

Kate swung around and faced her balcony’s edge,
Gazing at her love, now an empty soul.
She felt his faint touch shove her over the ledge,
Now not only her heart but her life had he stole.
That night two lovers, pulled apart by life,
Rejoiced when reconnected in a land of light.