the world of song

By: Alice Crist

The world of song is like a gentle stroke of a paint brush on a canvas creating what ever beautiful creation you desire.  
To sing is much more than what most people see at first impression.  To sing is not what the audience hears and how they judge the artist, it's how the artist feels about the song in their heart and soul.  
When you sing, and mean what you are singing, you can feel your heart lift and your soul float off into the distance.  
You can see the magnificent colors of the song swarm around you and lift you off your feet.  
You can taste each individual word as it makes its way out of your mouth and finds its way to the eager ears around you.  
You can hear the sound of your voice fill the room as you sing away your worries and sorrows.  
Song is like a huge willow tree with your soul as the roots fueling the beauty of the song in its entirety, and each word a leaf that elegantly blossoms and flowers together and creates the heart stopping sound that is your voice echoing through the forest like a gust of autumn wind.  
The world of song is connected through all who have discovered the the life changing beauty of song and all who have yet to experience the heartwarming feeling to perfectly and effortlessly sing a song that you not only understand but a song that you cherish and hold compassion for.
only those who have felt this extravagant feeling of love and understanding can understand what it means when I say I have visited the world of song.