The Workstation

By: Steven McPherson


Mental Silence

Physical Noise

“Click Clack Clickity Clackity Click Click Clack”

The Blue Switch Thermaltake Poseidon Z Mechanical Keyboard speaks a special language to me

A language that is only understood by a certain herd of people

We call ourselves The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race (Satirically of Course)

Others call us “PC Profligates”

The Logitech mouse makes a soft reticent sound as it rubs across the mouse pad with a memory

foam pad to protect the wrists

The mouse clicks and click an clicks as executables and links are opened and ad pop ups are


“I don’t care if there are “Hot Asian Mothers” in my area”

The 120mm fan cooling the source of the rig is spinning at 2,000 RPM keeps the components


The fans of the 750 Graphics Card spins as well for the same purpose

Anything over 50 degrees Celsius causes concern

Every fan rotation, keystroke, and mouse click can be heard through the entire room

That is all that can be heard

As the proud PC owner downloads torrents on thepiratebay or demonoid

Or when he edits a YouTube video for his channel

When he creates a locket.bat file to lock the folder on his desktop labeled “NSFW”

All creates a harmonic sound to the ears of those who appreciate the beauteous power and

functionality of a good PC

Intel Core i5 4590k

NVidia GeForce GTX 750


2TB Hard Drive

All connected by an ASUS B85M-E/CSM Motherboard

Powered by a 500 Watt PSU

And protected by a simple black case

Are working together in a symphony of peaceful harmony

In the space of the Glorious PC Gamer