where sweat accumulated

By: Olivia Williams

crest of my shoulder
fold of my thigh
my right collarbone
is stickier than my left

heather grey shirt
glommed to the small of my back
the armpits
always the armpits
advertising to all
“heat was here”

center forehead
smack dab, you could
graph the point
two steps below my hairline
three paces above my eyebrows
dead center to my nose
speaking of, below my nose
septum, pooled into by my nostrils
right, mostly

the left ankle
damper than the right
behind the knee, believe it or not
an oily pool gathers

yet when I’ve sat
skin dried in the climate-controlled air
I raise my arms
as one final test
the upper chest, just below my neck
feels the coldest.