By: Jaden Gragg

Notorious Victoria,
Malicious Victoria,
Sweet kind and loving Victoria.

Multiple personalities,
An ongoing personification,
Can create,
In itself a problem,
Don’t you think,

One persona so straightforward, so for sure,
Keeps you on track,
Another moving at such a fast pace,
Never looking back,
And the last so kind and nurturing,
Sings you a sweet song.
I know this much is true,
Because I hear you sing along.

These three distinct voices,
All have quite a grip on your sanity,

As I look at your swollen face,
I notice your red eyes.
You haven’t slept for days it seems,
Try and rest while I keep watch.
By watch, I mean sit quietly and think,
What goes on while you sleep...
Do your voices ever rest,

So lay down,
No I mean it,
On the cold wood floor,
And I’ll protect you from things we can both see,
Although for your inside’s arguing I can’t do much more
Than softly rub your tensed muscles.

And I can’t fully understand this much
But I’ll readily explain it.
Your twitching and your mumbling,
Tossing over away from my view,
Proves to me
That inside your mind,
Isn’t quite as peaceful,
As where I am in this breezy room.

Are they all shouting,
inside your blank mind?
At least that’s what I assume,
Because I hear you yelling back at them.
However softly.

Pulling at your knotted hair,
And chewing on your lips,
I suppose I can take a hint.
And gently rouse you awake,
and give you my hand.

Opening your eyes,
Seems like quite the task,
But I’ve something to tell you,
Little Victoria

Creative Victoria,
Depressed Victoria,
Or is it fun and crazy Victoria?
There’s two sides to every story,
But perhaps in this one,
There’s three.

As I say this,
You, Victoria,
Look directly in my eyes,
And say
“There’s four.”

One for who I really am,
Underneath all the crazy whispering.