By: Anonymous

You say it makes no difference who I am
and how I choose to express it.
You’ll say this through clenched teeth.
You’ll say this and you’ll tell yourself
It’s better that I take my time -now-
better that I get it out of my system.
Looking back on all of life’s regrets
you regret never teaching me to make a decision
or to take a risk.
I suppose said risks have to be the ones you like.
I’ll take your advice
and say what I will.
You’ll be okay.
You say this now.
But I know when this is over
and the damage has been done
you’ll fight your tears and pray
some boy will come along to silence me.
You’ll punish me
for not sharing in the dream
you have for me.
It’s not lust, neither love nor humanity
it’s nothing more than emotional immaturity,
a sturdy umbrella that protects you from anything
and everything you can’t explain
to control.